Underground Loading Vehicle Kills Miner
$625,000 Settlement Achieved

John C. Whitfield of Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP, and Roger Braden, of Braden Humfleet & Devine, PLC called on the expertise of DK Global to provide visuals for a case in which a young Kentucky coal miner was killed by a poorly designed loading vehicle. The team produced a multi-faceted Reconstruction Animation to demonstrate hazards presented by design flaws in the vehicle and the appropriate safety measures that could have prevented the tragedy. The animation created provided an overhead view of the underground tunnel layout as well as the path of the loading vehicle throughout the underground space. A carefully constructed point of view animation was produced to show the limited visibility of the driver and how small adjustments to the construction of the loading cart could drastically improve visibility, preventing the death of this young miner.  Upon being presented with the visual evidence, the defendant quickly agreed to a $625,000 settlement for the grieving family.

“Because of the restricted view, the driver of the shuttle car did not see the plaintiff and ran over him, dragging him a significant amount of feet and ultimately killing him. The animation done by DK Global was instrumental in accurately portraying that tragedy, and contributed greatly to this settlement.” 
John C. Whitfield, Founding Partner Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP
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With detailed scene and structure modeling, multiple points of view, dynamic camera movement, and text and audio, we provided the attorneys with a comprehensive reconstruction animation that assisted viewers in understanding the exact cause for the incident that claimed the young man’s life.
Michael Caldwell, President & CEO |
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