Demonstrative Aids Show Bus Side-Swipes Vehicle with Infant Inside
Attorney Proves Negligence and Presents Spine Damage to Jury with 3D Animation

Car collisions can happen in the blink of an eye, making it difficult for the involved parties, or witnesses, to effectually communicate what they experienced. Using legal animations, an attorney can ensure that an incident is detailed accurately and effectively. The animation above was used by an experienced attorney as he sought to secure a substantial figure on behalf of his client who was involved in a serious collision.

Using scene footage and incident reports, the creative team at DK Global began to recreate the incident as it occurred. The animators began by reconstructing the vehicle involved and labeled the position of the passengers. The vehicle was then shown to be sideswiped by a large bus. The people involved were shown being thrown violently in the car as a scene photo of the damaged vehicle was overlaid on the animated sedan.

The car then turned transparent as the animation transitioned to focus on the Plaintiff driving the vehicle, his clothing and skin turned translucent to demonstrate his spinal column in exceptional detail. His spine was shown in comprehensive contrast to a healthy spine; evidently showing that there were several protrusions, bulges, compressions, and fractures as the injured areas glowed red.

The detailed video proved to do what the attorney had hoped, it connected the jury to the injuries sustained by the Plaintiff. This resulted in the acquisition of a substantial settlement that allowed the injured driver to pay for the expenses associated with the sustained wounds caused by the impact.

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