$10 Million-Dollar Settlement Reached for Double Amputee
Attorney Obtains Justice for New Jersey Woman Run Over by City Bus

New Jersey attorneys Jonathan Levitt, Esq., co-founding member of Frier Levitt, and Michelle Greenberg, partner in Frier Levitt's litigation, reached a $10 million dollar settlement on a case involving a 63-year-old woman run over by a city bus. The Plaintiff was crossing the street when the bus took a left turn and knocked her down before running over her legs. The injuries were so severe, that both legs were essentially amputated below the knee. Surveillance footage from down the street caught the incident, however, the distance did not allow for the video to be under proper analysis in its condition. Attorney Greenberg decided to reach out to DK Global to enhance the existing surveillance footage and to create a 3D animation recreating the trauma at a closer viewpoint.

The presentation begins with an animated layout of the intersection and crosswalk of the location of the incident. The surveillance footage is played before the animation begins, conveying the speed and movement of the bus in question as it turns. Translating that into an animatic, the demonstrative shows the Plaintiff beginning to cross the street. Indicators count each line on the crosswalk as we are able to see the distance she walked before being hit. It is after she is well into the street that we see the bus knock her down and run over her legs. The footage is played and zoomed in with text to label the elements in the video the viewer needs to focus on. Photos of the incident conclude the presentation and aid in bringing reinforcing the lost that the Plaintiff suffered. With the use of this presentation, attorney Greenberg secured a monumental $10 million-dollar settlement which will undoubtedly aid the woman and her family in the care that will be necessary for the rest of her life.

Jonathan E. Levitt, Esq., co-founded the law firm of Frier Levitt, LLC in 2000. Michelle L. Greenberg, Esq., is a partner in Frier Levitt’s litigation department. They have developed a comprehensive knowledge of the law in personal injury and wrongful death and have been successful in obtaining positive results for their clients.

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