High Speed Collison Involving a Negligent Driver and Motorcyclist
Car and Motorcycle Collide Resulting in Two Fatalities

The determination of Attorney Lenore Shefman and her co-counsel, Stephen Nagle proved to be pivotal in the case of a collision between a car and a motorcycle which resulted in a double fatality. Representing the motorcyclist’s family, the attorneys sought for closure for the tragic event, which led to the casualty of a 24-year-old man. As a proud motorcyclist herself, this case resonated with Attorney Shefman and with DK Global’ s visual aid, she ultimately secured a 2.1 Million Dollar settlement.

The incident took place after the Defendant failed to yield the right of way when exiting a private drive-way. He merged into oncoming traffic, cutting off a motorcyclist who was driving down the street. Without enough time to come to a stop, the victim swerved briefly in an attempt to avoid impact, but ultimately crashed head on into the driver’s side of the vehicle. Both, the Plaintiff and the Defendant, were pronounced deceased on scene. Collisions such as this, are difficult to pursue due to the loss found on both sides. The ethical duty the attorney felt to make sure the loss of her Plaintiff’s family was felt, prompted her to utilize as many tools as possible.

Some of the tools used included the animation created by DK Global combined with testimony from family members. The animation was a re-enactment of the two vehicles colliding, including the Plaintiff’s attempt to avoid the collision, as well as, the Defendant’s acceleration speed. At the end of the animation, real photographs of the aftermath were displayed to connect the real-life events to the rest of the evidence presented by the attorney.

Attorney Lenore Shefman creatively united the graphics commissioned to back up the strength of the father's words, which in the end won this case.

“Words ultimately settled this case, the video was huge in letting the adjuster and appellate attorney they brought to mediation know we were ready to go the full length.”

 - Lenore Shefman

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