Record-Setting Texas Attorney Takes On Slip-and-Fall Case
Reconstructive and Medical Animations Help Reach 7-Figure Settlement

A man slipped and fell down a flight of stairs when the railing came loose on his company’s trailer. He sustained several disc herniations, disc space collapse, and a disc protrusion with impingement of a nerve root. Attorney Robert Kwok reached out to DK Global to aid his client’s case by animating the Plaintiff’s injuries and the resulting surgeries.

The presentation began with a reconstructive animation of the trailer, orienting the viewer to the environment of the incident. The camera zoomed into the stairs and the handrail on the right side, showing that the screw and washer were loose on the top of the railing. The animation then transitioned to a 3D character model with a basic likeness to the Plaintiff standing in the doorway of the trailer. As he takes a step back down the stairs with his hand on the right-hand rail, the bolt and washer are shown popping out, causing the Plaintiff to fall from the fourth step and landing on wires below. The video zoomed into each of the listed injuries as the clothing, skin, and muscle turned transparent to highlight the location and severity. The presentation concluded with the anterior cervical discectomy and spinal fusion.

Attorney Kwok's hard work combined with his strategy resulted favorably for him and his client. Two weeks before jury selection, the Plaintiffs settled for a confidential 7-figure amount in one of the most conservative counties in America.

Attorney Robert Kwok is the founding partner of Texas’s Kwok Daniel Ltd., L.L.P., where he has won a record-setting jury verdict of $18,200,000.00 back in 2014. He has successfully represented individuals and classes in significant six, seven, and eight-figure cases against companies like Toyota, Exxon, Union Pacific Railroad and General Motors. Attorney Kwok has tried nearly one hundred jury trials to verdict and dedicates himself to representing people across the nation.

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