Panish Shea & Boyle Attains $11 Million Settlement in Young Boy's Drowning

Attorneys Utilize Animation to Prove School District Negligence in Drowning Case

An afternoon school-sponsored pool party ended in tragedy when a 13-year-old boy drowned due to improper lifeguard scheduling and failure to provide CPR. Rahul Ravipudi and Robert Glassman of Panish Shea & Boyle represented the family in this heart-rending case seeking answers and proper reparations to ensure this tragedy never happens to another family again. Ravipudi and Glassman sought a reconstruction animation to set the scene that leads to this accident to help create a lasting impression on a jury of the gross negligence the faculty had shown. DK Global worked closely with the Panish Shea & Boyle team to produce a presentation that helped lead to the $11 million settlement against the school district.


3D Animations – Setting the Pace and Painting the Picture 


The presentation began with a 3D model with a similar likeness to the child, accompanied by surveillance footage to help paint a picture of what transpired that day. The boy is seen floating in the pool, but the scene quickly turns for the worst when he is unable to keep his head above water. The presentation transitions to a segment depicting what happens when someone takes on too much water: the larynx involuntarily closes, making it impossible to breathe, resulting in loss of consciousness. Surveillance shows the young boy goes unnoticed for several minutes until classmates pull him up, calling for help. Student lifeguards are seen coming shortly after, but due to their inexperience and lack of guidance, they fail to perform life-saving procedures. By the time paramedics arrived, the child had been without oxygen for almost 9 minutes.


DK Global’s medical illustrations paired with the surveillance footage helped the jury come to an informed decision that the gross negligence shown for the school faculty could have been avoided and needed just atonement. Attorneys Ravipudi and Glassman secured an $11 million settlement on behalf of the boy’s family and pressured the local legislature to create a water safety bill the ensure this avoidable tragedy never happens again.


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"The animation presented all of the evidence in such a concise fashion and in an irrefutable fashion that there is no expert, no doctor, no lawyer, no anybody who can actually look at that video and say, 'that's not accurate, that's not true, that's not how it happened.'"

Rahul Ravipudi - Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

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