An Ideal Workplace for Women

The Women of DK Global

According to the National Girl’s Collaborative Project, a mere 25% of the work population in the field of computer science is composed of women and many of those women who work in the field express feelings of discrimination in the workplace. However, this statistic is completely inapplicable for the Southern-California based business DK Global, which specializes in offering premier legal animations to some of the nation’s most reputable attorneys.

In this office, 50% of the staff are women. Of these women, the majority hold some form of a commanding position; a surprising fact for a company based in the fields of computer science, technology, and law. When the CEO Michael Caldwell was asked as to why his staff is composed of an equal number of women and men, he looked puzzled. He stated that he had never noticed so many members of his staff were women, let alone that the management roles were predominantly filled by women. He proceeded to state that he took careful care to hire the most experienced and qualified candidates, and it so happened that several were women.

“I have found that the women I have hired have brought such a wonderful dynamic to the team, have been successful, and have encouraged success from their teammates.” With this refreshing outlook on recruiting it is easy to see why Michael’s business is booming and why his employees refer to their teammates as family. Executive Assistant Jacquelyn McDonald states, “I see the people I work with as more than co-workers, they are family. DK Global is such a wonderful place to work because our CEO and CFO value family, and that makes a work environment where family is welcomed; which means a lot to me as a single mother to two little ones who have had to stop by the office in the past”.

Jacquelyn is one of five mothers who work at DK Global, and all have referred to how welcome their children are in the office. The company’s CEO and CFO value family and understand the commitment of being a parent. It is no wonder why the women of DK Global have thrived in a male-dominated field; they are working in an environment where their contributions are noted, their families are valued, and their morale is sustained as they are encouraged to achieve their best. “I have been with DK Global for seven years and could not imagine working anywhere else”, states Senior Sales Liaison, Missi Smith, “This company really takes care of their employees, I feel valued and very lucky to be a part of the team”.

DK Global has several departments, from Marketing and Sales to Project Management and Animation. Each team member contributes to the success of their department and each department collaborates to ensure the success of the company. “I have adopted the mantra of a servant leader and encourage each of my employees, regardless of their title, to embrace the work ethic of collaboration and teamwork; I think that is why our company is so successful”.

DK Global has created a successful company culture that does not fall in line with the gender-based statistics of the fields of technology and computer science. One can only hope that businesses in similar fields follow the progressive outlook DK Global has demonstrated, and focus on the qualifications and abilities of an employee while simultaneously encouraging a work environment that values the contributions of each team member. In so doing, the fields of computer science and technology should see a boom in the number of women who obtain positions in the field and feel such equity that they choose to base a life-long career in them.   

In the month of March, DK Global is celebrating the Women’s Month by featuring the work of female attorneys. Go to DK Global’s Features Page to look at exclusive interviews with these high-profile attorneys. Exclusive interviews with Super Lawyer Deborah Chang and Rising Star Erika Contreras from Panish Shea and Boyle LLP are coming soon, so be on the look-out!

Written by: Irma Hawkins Marketing Coordinator
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Alex Deaconson
Brianna Staples
Cameron Thies
Courtney Bowers
Hagen Gilbert
Heather Texter
Irma Hawkins
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