Nearly Invisible Semi-Truck Causes Head-On Collision

Reconstruction Animation & Damages Presentation Proves Vital In Establishing Liability

A California attorney reached out to DK Global when his client slammed into a semi-truck early one morning. The semi-truck was in violation of multiple codes including being painted matte black and having insufficient amounts of reflectors on the trailer. This coupled with the poor visual conditions of that day caused the trailer to be almost camouflaged to the oncoming traffic. As the Defendant attempted a wide left turn, it led the Plaintiff to drive straight into the trailer. The Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries including a traumatic optic neuropathy, macular scar, and bilateral pterygium along with multiple facial fractures. The attorney requested an injury animation which would prove liability and illustrate the injuries his client had suffered due to the trucking company's negligence.

Crash Reconstruction Creates Clear Liability

The damages portion starts with a 3D character model having a similar likeness to the Plaintiff; the presentation gives the viewer a walkthrough of all the injuries the Plaintiff sustained due to the incident. The camera then zooms and pans around to each one of the fracture sites as they are labeled. The medical imagery was reviewed by our team, marked up, and sent to the case experts for review and approval. Once they were approved, they were colorized and overlaid onto the 3D skull at the appropriate levels. A separate visual reconstructing the incident was created to focus and identify every liability point. Details such as the weather and the time of the incident were utilized to capture the environment’s visibility at that exact moment. At each clear aspect of liability, the video is paused, and text appears giving the viewer further information. The reconstruction animation concludes with a “what if” scenario with a flagman appearing in the scene and text stating the safety measures that should have been in place.

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"Lighting and weather in a collision scene is imperative for fully connecting to victim and the experience which led to the incident."

Michael Caldwell, Founder & CEO

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